Canada Kicks Ass

Saturday, February 16, 2002

CMS: is a Patriotic Canadian online community website that started in 1999. CKA promotes Canadian patriotism and nationalism through Canadian news, content & forums.

It is a site which allows people from all over the world to discuss their views on Canada and the rest of the world in a very active forum. CKA offers a great prospective on the world through the eyes of Canadians.

Aside from the active forum & social digg-style Canadian news, CKA offers other Canadian content such as jokes, editorials, games, videos, maps, wallpapers, information & stats on Canada, picture galleries and much more. The entire site is community based, members can contribute to almost all parts of the site though submitting content or posting comments and ratings.

Site has been featured on all the local radio stations and is linked around the world. The site gets of thousands visitors each day. Site receives around 300,000 unique visitors a month with over 33,000 registered members.

<strong>Tech Info</strong>
The core of the site has been run on phpnuke since sometime in 2001, but over the years I have heavily modified the core code and made many additions. As well as writing many of my own modules and other custom scripts.

The forums are run with phpBB 3 and are intigrated into a custom phpNuke based off 7.6. There are numerous forum mods installed, some of which are my own.