Facebook Apps

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I started making Facebook apps soon after they introduced the apps ecosystem. Here is the list of small apps i've made.

Canada Kicks Ass
This was my first app, it allowed users to add a customizable profile box to show their Canadian patriotism. The box could also bring in content from your CKA profile.

Canadian Hottie of the Day
This was my most popular app,thousands of users a day. unfortunately Facebook decided to remove it due to the photos, even though there was no nudity and there are other similar babe apps that still exist today! >:
The app would show a large photo of the Canadian hottie of the day which was selected from Canadianhottie.ca using a custom selection system I created. users could rate comment and favorite the pics.

Liberal Supporter
This app allowed supporters of the Liberal party to add a badge to their profile. The app canvas page has listings of liberals on Facebook and other liberal related content.

poliTwitter Box
This customizable app allows users to show political tweets from politwitter.ca on their profile or page.

Ride Log
Keep a log of your mountain biking rides throughout the year. Track which trails you ride and who you ride with. This app is simple and clutter free. Integrates with friends system and allows export of data.

Ski Log
Keep a log of your skiing, snowboarding or backcountry days throughout the season.