PhoeniX Technologies

Thursday, September 30, 2004


Complete remake of PTI's website and backend system.

PTI develops real time active optical tracking systems that provide motion capture data for applications such as animation, games, VR, simulation, robotic control, and gait analysis.

What I did

  • Totaly re-designed the website from ground up
  • dynamic php database driven site
  • Admin backend that allows instant updates to many sections of the site
  • A clean, fresh new look with a much improved navigation system including a breadcrumb trail of current location
  • Site Search
  • promo add system, displays random, can be enabled or disable on and page
  • custom description and keywords for each page
  • description is outputing but hidden in the top left of the page, for search engine indexing
  • focos on search engine placement and indexing
  • Site wide CSS control, use of proper tage, H1 P ect
  • Custom style.css for certain parts of the site. example: any animation page turn the site to a red theme.
  • Standards compliant, W3C html 4.01 and css
  • Displays in both Internet Explorer and Mozilla
  • 100% css driven drop down menus using li lists. (no dhtml or javascript used!)
  • Email Information form with error checking and validation
  • All email addresses on the site are protected with javascript, to stop spam harvestors
  • Flash intro add
  • sitemap and sitewide continuity
  • optimized compressed images, high use of png format
  • clean and effiecent html and php code

I also created a custom PHP client support site for PTI. Clients can login to this site and have access to a custom FAQ and knowledgebase. I also created a custom file management system, so PTI can transfer and track files sent to customers, like product license keys. As well clients can upload files to PTI like sample motion capture data.