Talie OH!

Sunday, January 1, 2006


This is an adult pay site for a French Canadian Model I made. The model/actress contacted me to make her a website, was the first site of this nature I had made. Site used the Xoops CMS with many custom alterations.

Talie OH to Verotel Interface
The base code for the Talieoh website was the XOOPS CMS system. The client had chosen to use Verotel as there payment gateway, unfortunately the only way Verotel managed subscriptions is through a very simple Perl script that edits a .htaccess file that protects a folder on the site (eg /members/).

The Talieoh site was much more than a simple html site, the whole site is dynamic and interactive because its run from a mysql database and this is also how the user accounts are controlled and how I limit where a subscriber can go to on the site.

So Verotel did not have a method to interface with this. So I had to create a custom PHP script to do this. The script handles new subscriptions, renewals, and deletion.