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New Website!

For some random reason I decided to totally re-make my personal site. I changed the focus from being a portfolio site to more of a personal blog site. I decided to give WordPress a whirl since I had recently written a plugin for a friend. I spent the all of yesterday trying out various plugins, fiddling with code and creating a theme.

I am very impressed with how good wordpress has become, its way better than it was 3 years ago when i last tried it. The plug-and-play plugin system is awesome and there are so many great plugins available for free. The admin control panel is also now so much nicer as of version 2.7.I was also able to import all my old blog posts using the RSS import method. I am going to try and actual update the blog now!

Some features of the new site include.

  • Integration with twitter
  • blog posts create a  tweet
  • Facebook photos viewable from this site
  • ‘Facebook Connect’ visitors are able to login to this site using there facebook login. This makes logging in to comment super easy and fast!
  • Livestream feed
  • Tagging and search highlights, auto-tagging
  • tabbed widgets
  • Threaded comments with comment notification option
  • Mobile versions of this site for Windows mobile and iPhone

I am testing the plugin feature to add photos from my facebook to blog posts.