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Extreme Adventure Skiing!

I invented a new sport! EXteme adventure skiing!!

wel, like the lower shit part of blackcome, it was really cold so the snow was good all the way down. last run of day i didnt wanna just go down the normal boring way. at the top of solar I saw some tracks into the forest there, never been there. went in, was awsome. cept going deeper.. tracks ended. but i cept given're. oh and I was alone at this point, she went on the run

then it went to shit

there was a big creek i couldn't cross, so kept going down along it, then it got steeper.. and more dense.. then really steep and dense… then unpassable. So i had to cross the creek. i threw my pools and skiis over the creek, then had to jumnp across grabbing this branch/log to make it. then got my skiing ona gain, but it was so thick, and not really enough snow.. well there was just barely.

I eventual came out onto some road. i was pretty concerned i would end up going way out of the ski area and be lost and hafta hike. but now i know that you can keep going even farther! i wanna do it again, lol it was fun.

Whister Rocked! [General]

w000t! Had a pretty kick ass day up at Whistler for my birthday, went up with Braden Otto and Roberto. It was pretty friggin cold though -20+ C, but the snow was pretty sweet. The snowboarders got all tired pretty early, glad I’m a skier! me and Braden continued on. I think i got the jump 180 turn down, even at pretty decent speeds, and I finally did a jumping binding entry!!! We went to the Old Spaghetti Factory in the village for dinner, was most excellent. Me and Braden had a coke drinking contest and almost lost it all over the table, eheh whoops. I'm really excited about this Big White trip tons of ppl going!

Took a couple pics of today, top 7 pics

Gahhh tiredness.. starting to kick in…. didn't sleep last night, I’m gunna sleep a long time tonight! gunna own! Picking up Angie from the airport on Monday, can't wait too see her XD. Then its back to school on Tuesday bright and early at 8:30am.. OMFG!!! /kills self

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