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I’m excited to announce a new project I’ve been working on, a social media aggregator & directory for webcomics. Webcomictweets allows you to follow all webcomicers in one convenient location. The site brings in content from Twitter, facebook, formspring, pictures, ustream, youtube, tumblr, deviantart and more!

Webcomictweets offers a loads of functionality, with features like conversations, tweeting from the site, a follow and “like” system and much more.

The site provides many statistics of webcomics and their Twitter & social media usage. With features like rankings, popularity, influence, social media scorecard and more. The site also tracks the content that receives the most views, likes, retweets and so on, allowing visitors to view the most popular content.

There are too many features to talk about in a single post. If you’re interested visit the site & start exploring or watch the horribly narrated introduction video here.

Silly use of Twitter

This is a very silly bad use of twitter and the kinda thing that people mock twitter about. But I wanted to try this media centre plugin that tweets what you’re doing on media centre. So it will tweet what tv show your watching, movie your watching or what music your listening too. Since this is rather useless info, I didn’t want to spam my real twitter account so I made a separate twitter account just for this You can follow it if you really wanna know what tv shows we’re watching, you will see the 50 kagillion wedding shows Angela watches :P

If your crazy like I clearly am and wanna try out this plugin, you can get it here.