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GoPro Helmet Cam Skiing Videos

I received a GoPro Helmet Hero HD for Christmas and have been having fun recording some skiing videos. I am so far pretty impressed with the GoPro, the quality of the 1080p video in sunlight is very good. I have had some problems with the camera going wonky and the video getting messed up in cold temperatures. A couple times I had to remove the battery to get the camera to turn off. It seems the problem might be the memory card though, so I am going to try buying a different SD card.

This is my video of a backcountry day trip I went on in January and my favorite video so far.
Hanging Valley Backcountry Skiing


New Website!

For some random reason I decided to totally re-make my personal site. I changed the focus from being a portfolio site to more of a personal blog site. I decided to give WordPress a whirl since I had recently written a plugin for a friend. I spent the all of yesterday trying out various plugins, fiddling with code and creating a theme.

I am very impressed with how good wordpress has become, its way better than it was 3 years ago when i last tried it. The plug-and-play plugin system is awesome and there are so many great plugins available for free. The admin control panel is also now so much nicer as of version 2.7.I was also able to import all my old blog posts using the RSS import method. I am going to try and actual update the blog now!

Some features of the new site include.

  • Integration with twitter
  • blog posts create a  tweet
  • Facebook photos viewable from this site
  • ‘Facebook Connect’ visitors are able to login to this site using there facebook login. This makes logging in to comment super easy and fast!
  • Livestream feed
  • Tagging and search highlights, auto-tagging
  • tabbed widgets
  • Threaded comments with comment notification option
  • Mobile versions of this site for Windows mobile and iPhone

I am testing the plugin feature to add photos from my facebook to blog posts.

W00t New Ski Jacket!

I went to the Arcteryx factory outlet tent sale this morning and got myself a new ski jacket! I was shocked to arrive and see a 200-300m lineup to get in! And all the parking lots were full in the adjacent areas.

They didn't have any sidewinders, or any left. I think thats the jacket I most wanted. But the Stingray is pretty much the same, so i'm happy.



Las Vegas Photos

Finally got around to uploading the pictures from our Las Vegas trip

We went on an awsome 3 night Sun Peaks trip after that, but forgot to take any pictures :( We had some great skiing though, it snowed and we had lots of fresh powder!

New Ski Gear!

After skiing at Whistler for my birthday we went walking around the village looking at ski shops. I bought some new gear! I got new boots and gloves.

Salomon Xwave 8 Ski Boots


Salomon M-Booster XCR Gloves

Click to see

New snow coming this weekend, planning on going up on sunday, can't wait to try out the new stuff!

Extreme Adventure Skiing!

I invented a new sport! EXteme adventure skiing!!

wel, like the lower shit part of blackcome, it was really cold so the snow was good all the way down. last run of day i didnt wanna just go down the normal boring way. at the top of solar I saw some tracks into the forest there, never been there. went in, was awsome. cept going deeper.. tracks ended. but i cept given're. oh and I was alone at this point, she went on the run

then it went to shit

there was a big creek i couldn't cross, so kept going down along it, then it got steeper.. and more dense.. then really steep and dense… then unpassable. So i had to cross the creek. i threw my pools and skiis over the creek, then had to jumnp across grabbing this branch/log to make it. then got my skiing ona gain, but it was so thick, and not really enough snow.. well there was just barely.

I eventual came out onto some road. i was pretty concerned i would end up going way out of the ski area and be lost and hafta hike. but now i know that you can keep going even farther! i wanna do it again, lol it was fun.


Well this weekend fuckin kicked ass! Such an awesome weekend, everything went great and was fun. We did leave a bit late on Friday, but made pretty good time too Kelowna, was a decent drive, stopped in hope for some eatins. When we got to big white, we didn’t know where the condo was, and Roberto had turned off his cell 'cause he was a drunken FOOL! But we didn’t wait long until he called us and let us in. I even got a spot in the underground parking! The condo was really nice, neat layout, had 2 floors. We just chilled that night, watched some Conan. Next morning got up bright and early, got to the hill, rented skis for Angela, then hit the slopes! It was an awesome day! was at sometimes insanely foggy, but the snow and temperature was great. We spent most the day in the trees, the forests at Big White Rock! nice and open, sweet snow. And we were a pretty good group, we could all keep up with each other good. I was really impressed at how well Angela did, she ROCKS!!

After long day of skiing got back to the condo and hit the hot tub, ahhhhh so good. Had a fantastic dinner and a nice relaxing evening, did a bit of drinking, no too much though, there was skiing to be had the next day! That next morning was pretty rough getting up, body hurt all over, but we managed to get out on the hill for first lifts up. Spent most the day on the same lift, we saw no reason to move, it was dead there and had awesome long runs. I did a perfect jumping binding entree! but tried again and busted a piece off my binding :( but can glue back, not a big deal. Got back to the condo early, relaxed hot tub, ect ect. Then the long road home, so all in all one of the funest weekends in a long time, much fun was had. Sometimes you just have to GIVER!

See pictures here

Indestructible [General]

OMFG I think im gunna die this semester! I have my regular full course load, plus they gave us a free level editing class, because they fucked us last semester. and everyday i have school classes start at 8:30am!!! I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON!

I do have 3 days off this term, which is nice, but NONE are in a row, so i can never really go out, or go away, cuz the next day i will have an 8:30 class. One of those days off im working at Friesens in Abbotsford, cuz I need money. Another day probably Friday gunna try to go skiing at Whistler. Plus at school were starting a new game, so much work to be done, and im working a bit on another game, so more outside work than normal. Plus spending time with Angie which I really enjoy and want to spend as much time with her as I can. So its gunna be rough, going to be harsh burnt out, no time for personal projects or games :(

The way is shut. It was made by those who are dead, and the dead keep it. The way is shut

So this is my first post, i have tried this type of journal business before, always seem to forget about it and stuff. But im gunna try to use this one this time. I will tie the posting into my homepage.

Just giver eh! Yah so just watched the movie Fubar, was pretty good, I can't believe that guy died, hurts my head…

So its my 3rd night back in my old town of Hope, been having a sorta lan party thing, mostly just hanging out with friends. I think today were gunna have more of a real lan though, Mike and Ria are coming from Richmond and Mat darcy from Chilliwack I think. Just used my Christmas pressie, burnt my History of britain and some other documentaries onto DVD's.

Braden informed me that the weather up at whistler this week looks like its gunna OWN! snow in the forcast ALL week. Can't wait till the 3rd, Me, Braden, Otto, Roberto, Brandon and Miles are going I think, not sure if we will stay overnight at the Hostile or in the cars or just drive home. I'm like twitching, i need to go skiing!! been to long over xmas break, stupid Student pass black-out period!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR