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Overclocking with Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme

I decided it was time to overclock my CPU to get some extra performance. I have an Intel Q6600 which is a very overclockable CPU. But i was using the stock heatsink/fan so i had to buy a better one. After a bunch of research i found that probably the best combination for performance but not too loud was.

Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme Heatsink
Scythe S-Flex Sff21F 120MM Fan

This heatsink was a bitch ass to install and its always a pain to rip out the entire motherboard to install the backplate, but it was done. For the fan layout I decided to have the heatsink fan push air upwards towards the outtake fan at the top of the case, rather than the usual setup of pushing air out the back. I figured hot air rises so might have a bit of a difference going up. The other back fan is also an outtake fan, so I am creating a low pressure environment.

I then proceeded to overclock with the help of this good guide i found, and it worked perfectly. And after much stress testing things seem stable and heat acceptable. I did think this heatsink would lower my ambient cpu temperature more than it did. But the big difference is when I did overclock the heat didn't rise that much, where as my old heatsink it did.

So the Q6600 stock is 2.4Ghz x 4 cores. I overclocked to 3.0Ghz x 4 cores. A good 600Mhz with little rise in ambient temperature. I think i will leave it here for awhile, I could certainly go further, getting into changing the multiplier and voltages. But I am happy with this for now.


I did decided to try and lower the timings on my RAM a bit though, stock they are 5-5-5-12, so I tried 4-4-4-12 and after doing some stress tests it is still stable. The memory bandwidth went from 5.89 GB/s to 6.00 GB/s. So not a large increase but what the heck.


The strange thing is, this…

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