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False Advertising claims its forums are the 'fastest growing political forums in Canada', but the data shows otherwise. In fact it's a major stretch of a claim for them to make considering their growth rate is among the lowest.


The data says otherwise:


and here is the growth rate compared:



Green Light, Go Go Go

We are going to use my CKA Blog as our Cross-Canada road trip travel blog.

I changed the name of the blog and some of the graphics. We will try and post as often as we can, and upload pics. This blog will also by syndicated on the facebooks.

We have been preparing and packing for the trip all weekend. I've been burning a bunch of new music CD's to listen to. I also bought this thing that is kinda like the “iTrip” for the iPod. It plugs into the lighter and transmits over FM Radio to the cars stereo. In the device you can plug and audio-in cable or a USB flash card. With this device we can listen to the audio from the laptop in the cars stereo! So we can watch various tv-shows, movies and documentaries while driving. And the driver can at least listen along.

We are planning on leaving tomorrow, but I’m waiting to get the car washed at the guys in the Wall-Center parking. I also need to make a couple stops, so we will probably have a late start.


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New CKA Shop finaly rolling

After spending a fair amount of time adding loads of new designs and making my new shop site I am finaly starting to make some sales on this new system. Just sold my 50th shirt since start of march.

Check out my new shop with tons of Canada themed designs but not limited to that! I have some very neat designs from a friend in the Canadian armed forced as well some from spikecomix.

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