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Colossal waste of time

I went down to check this out, firstly the general traffic on Friday was bad, but then once I got in the area it was deadlock traffic. And its a small industrial road which normally has no traffic i would imagine. There was no where to park, horrible location. I eventually park illegally and get in the line. There was so many people there! I find out the line goes way around the block where I can't see. I don't know WHY i stayed, but i did for 4 hours! The sun set, it got really cold and it was drizzling on and off. They then announce that they are closing and the line is still as long as I got there, it moved so slowly. They have a huge warehouse but are only letting 40 people in at a time, and it seems like people never come out. So they count the first 200 people in the line and start giving them tickets to come back tomorrow to jump ahead in the new queue tomorrow. But right as I’m near the end of the line the decided to let 20 more people in, the 20 comes up 4 people short of me, AHHHHH! Of course some people who already got a ticket and left the line saw this and started a big uproar. So i got my ticket, but I don't know if I will go back tomorrow. The only way i lasted was I had my smartphone to keep me entertained, most people didn’t.

I think the advertising and press this got was misleading. It makes it sound like the place is going to be full of cool movies costumes. But I never saw a single person come out with anything cool, just normal clothes. Many people came out with nothing after waiting hours. Near the end of the line you could see a small glimpse into the warehouse, all I could see was closes and some suits. Which is fine if that’s what you want, but i went to find cool movie costumes, something sci-fi or military.

The only good thing is my car wasn’t towed because me and 100s other cars were parked illegally.

License Bingo!

On our trip I thought it would be fun to track all the license plats we saw and see how many we could see! Well we saw a lot! Here is a screen shot of the excel file we used. As you can see the top part is plates we saw while in Canada, so we saw a lot of people from the states around Canada.


Below is our “license plate bingo” report. The states/provinces in red were traveled through, the states/provinces in green are license plates we encountered on our travels. Yes, you are looking at a map of everything but West Virginia. So, if you’re from W. Virginia, you need to get out more. Although, I think it’s possible that we DID see W. Virginia, but thought it was Virginia and dismissed it :/



Green Light, Go Go Go

We are going to use my CKA Blog as our Cross-Canada road trip travel blog.

I changed the name of the blog and some of the graphics. We will try and post as often as we can, and upload pics. This blog will also by syndicated on the facebooks.

We have been preparing and packing for the trip all weekend. I've been burning a bunch of new music CD's to listen to. I also bought this thing that is kinda like the “iTrip” for the iPod. It plugs into the lighter and transmits over FM Radio to the cars stereo. In the device you can plug and audio-in cable or a USB flash card. With this device we can listen to the audio from the laptop in the cars stereo! So we can watch various tv-shows, movies and documentaries while driving. And the driver can at least listen along.

We are planning on leaving tomorrow, but I’m waiting to get the car washed at the guys in the Wall-Center parking. I also need to make a couple stops, so we will probably have a late start.


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New CKA Shop finaly rolling

After spending a fair amount of time adding loads of new designs and making my new shop site I am finaly starting to make some sales on this new system. Just sold my 50th shirt since start of march.

Check out my new shop with tons of Canada themed designs but not limited to that! I have some very neat designs from a friend in the Canadian armed forced as well some from spikecomix.

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1) The name of your street: Burrard

2) The last company you worked for: Friesen Electric

3) Your favourite flavour of ice cream: Tiger

4) The song in your head: Vertigo

5) What you did last summer: Backpack Europe

6) I grew up in: harrison hot springs

7) but now I live in: Downtown Vancouver

8) My name is: Trevor (jason) May 2

10) My favourite drink is: Coke 2

So I never post!

LOL looks like sits beena while since i posted, can't get into the habbit. I'm other insanely busy or lazy.

I got my warcraft3 figures today, there pretty rad!

warcraft_figures03.jpg warcraft_figures02.jpg warcraft_figures01.jpg

Home Again Home Again..

Well, Trevor and I landed safely in Vancouver after experiencing the joy that is sleeping on the floor of London Heathrow. We enjoyed a fantastic Canada day, and then I landed safely (again) in Allentown.

So this is the end of our adventure… we learned so much! Most importantly, we learned that we love each other, we make a great team, and yes, Vancouver really is as awesome as we always knew it was :) .

But is this the end of giver? Actually, Trevor and I would like to work to make this site available to ANY Canadian going backpacking. We think that the folks back home enjoyed our travel log and being able to see our pictures… more people should enjoy the same thing! We also want to make it so that by entering data into the “travel plans” section, you can see what other members of giver will be in the same city at the same time and meet up with them…

What we want to know is: WHAT DID YOU THINK of our travel site? What do you think could be done to improve it for you- the reader? We need your help, so we will appreciate any comments left below VERY MUCH. We want to make Giver happen!

Also, soon, I will be scanning the many many many short comics and doodles from my (two) journals. I’ll make a gallery for them for you all to enjoy… Remember to Giv’er! Love you all…


Well this weekend fuckin kicked ass! Such an awesome weekend, everything went great and was fun. We did leave a bit late on Friday, but made pretty good time too Kelowna, was a decent drive, stopped in hope for some eatins. When we got to big white, we didn’t know where the condo was, and Roberto had turned off his cell 'cause he was a drunken FOOL! But we didn’t wait long until he called us and let us in. I even got a spot in the underground parking! The condo was really nice, neat layout, had 2 floors. We just chilled that night, watched some Conan. Next morning got up bright and early, got to the hill, rented skis for Angela, then hit the slopes! It was an awesome day! was at sometimes insanely foggy, but the snow and temperature was great. We spent most the day in the trees, the forests at Big White Rock! nice and open, sweet snow. And we were a pretty good group, we could all keep up with each other good. I was really impressed at how well Angela did, she ROCKS!!

After long day of skiing got back to the condo and hit the hot tub, ahhhhh so good. Had a fantastic dinner and a nice relaxing evening, did a bit of drinking, no too much though, there was skiing to be had the next day! That next morning was pretty rough getting up, body hurt all over, but we managed to get out on the hill for first lifts up. Spent most the day on the same lift, we saw no reason to move, it was dead there and had awesome long runs. I did a perfect jumping binding entree! but tried again and busted a piece off my binding :( but can glue back, not a big deal. Got back to the condo early, relaxed hot tub, ect ect. Then the long road home, so all in all one of the funest weekends in a long time, much fun was had. Sometimes you just have to GIVER!

See pictures here

Whister Rocked! [General]

w000t! Had a pretty kick ass day up at Whistler for my birthday, went up with Braden Otto and Roberto. It was pretty friggin cold though -20+ C, but the snow was pretty sweet. The snowboarders got all tired pretty early, glad I’m a skier! me and Braden continued on. I think i got the jump 180 turn down, even at pretty decent speeds, and I finally did a jumping binding entry!!! We went to the Old Spaghetti Factory in the village for dinner, was most excellent. Me and Braden had a coke drinking contest and almost lost it all over the table, eheh whoops. I'm really excited about this Big White trip tons of ppl going!

Took a couple pics of today, top 7 pics

Gahhh tiredness.. starting to kick in…. didn't sleep last night, I’m gunna sleep a long time tonight! gunna own! Picking up Angie from the airport on Monday, can't wait too see her XD. Then its back to school on Tuesday bright and early at 8:30am.. OMFG!!! /kills self

My goddamn rock solid ghetto shiznit name is Doctor Teapot, Yo.
What's yours?

Testing Posting script [General]

Just setup my personal homepage so that when i post there it auto posts the same entry on liveJournal, JEA JEA

So new years was pretty fun, good to hangout with friends i dont see too often anymore, like the good old days chillin at jons house. I think running up that hill was a bad idea though, felt SOO sick, i felt like death this morning :(
I took a couple pics and there up on my website here:

Got invited to stay up at a condo in Big White jan 17th 18th, gunna ROCK!! Havn't been to Big White in a couple of years, and they have a new spiffy gondola. Roberto and Braden are going and I invited Angela, aswell as some of Roberto's Kelowna friends.