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Indestructible [General]

OMFG I think im gunna die this semester! I have my regular full course load, plus they gave us a free level editing class, because they fucked us last semester. and everyday i have school classes start at 8:30am!!! I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON!

I do have 3 days off this term, which is nice, but NONE are in a row, so i can never really go out, or go away, cuz the next day i will have an 8:30 class. One of those days off im working at Friesens in Abbotsford, cuz I need money. Another day probably Friday gunna try to go skiing at Whistler. Plus at school were starting a new game, so much work to be done, and im working a bit on another game, so more outside work than normal. Plus spending time with Angie which I really enjoy and want to spend as much time with her as I can. So its gunna be rough, going to be harsh burnt out, no time for personal projects or games :(


HOKAY so my car is suckin real bad in the cold weather! I think the tranny took a step in the wrong direction on the trip to whistler. 4th gear only works sometimes, I kinda figured out howta get it too work. And now the car won't go into ANY gear when its cold!!!! takes a good 15min warming up before go time. FUN FUN and as always reverse doesn't work until been driving for awhile, makes parallel extra fun! Tried getting into a spot on Broadway the other night, NO GO! Angela and I went out for dinner then watched Pirates of the Caribbean :D

Lah Lah LAh, “working” hard at Friesen Electric in Abbotsford, hoping I don't get snowed in! I harsh need to make some $$$ I have $550 on my visa I have to pay as of… new years? Ooops In 2 days im almost half there, made $130 last night $70-80 today, and sometime this month I will get my banner money from muh website, $132 USD, So I need to get some money from my parents, was doing pretty good, went 2 months without any, xmas put a damper on that!

YIPPY first day of classes for me start at 8:30am tomorrow! OMFG X_x Stupid school didn't give me 2 days of in a row! were supposed too. And the school isn't open 24 hours anymore!!!! GRRRR petition time! DIE AI DIE!