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We go YURIP!

Here Trevor Angela and Miles will post a journal of what were doin on our trips over in Europe. We will also post photos and stuff here.



Well this weekend fuckin kicked ass! Such an awesome weekend, everything went great and was fun. We did leave a bit late on Friday, but made pretty good time too Kelowna, was a decent drive, stopped in hope for some eatins. When we got to big white, we didn’t know where the condo was, and Roberto had turned off his cell 'cause he was a drunken FOOL! But we didn’t wait long until he called us and let us in. I even got a spot in the underground parking! The condo was really nice, neat layout, had 2 floors. We just chilled that night, watched some Conan. Next morning got up bright and early, got to the hill, rented skis for Angela, then hit the slopes! It was an awesome day! was at sometimes insanely foggy, but the snow and temperature was great. We spent most the day in the trees, the forests at Big White Rock! nice and open, sweet snow. And we were a pretty good group, we could all keep up with each other good. I was really impressed at how well Angela did, she ROCKS!!

After long day of skiing got back to the condo and hit the hot tub, ahhhhh so good. Had a fantastic dinner and a nice relaxing evening, did a bit of drinking, no too much though, there was skiing to be had the next day! That next morning was pretty rough getting up, body hurt all over, but we managed to get out on the hill for first lifts up. Spent most the day on the same lift, we saw no reason to move, it was dead there and had awesome long runs. I did a perfect jumping binding entree! but tried again and busted a piece off my binding :( but can glue back, not a big deal. Got back to the condo early, relaxed hot tub, ect ect. Then the long road home, so all in all one of the funest weekends in a long time, much fun was had. Sometimes you just have to GIVER!

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Whister Rocked! [General]

w000t! Had a pretty kick ass day up at Whistler for my birthday, went up with Braden Otto and Roberto. It was pretty friggin cold though -20+ C, but the snow was pretty sweet. The snowboarders got all tired pretty early, glad I’m a skier! me and Braden continued on. I think i got the jump 180 turn down, even at pretty decent speeds, and I finally did a jumping binding entry!!! We went to the Old Spaghetti Factory in the village for dinner, was most excellent. Me and Braden had a coke drinking contest and almost lost it all over the table, eheh whoops. I'm really excited about this Big White trip tons of ppl going!

Took a couple pics of today, top 7 pics

Gahhh tiredness.. starting to kick in…. didn't sleep last night, I’m gunna sleep a long time tonight! gunna own! Picking up Angie from the airport on Monday, can't wait too see her XD. Then its back to school on Tuesday bright and early at 8:30am.. OMFG!!! /kills self

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New York Trip (September 12-17/2002)

Trevor’s New York 2002 Trip
THUR 9/12 – drove to seattle, flew to Newark, New Jersey via Pitsburgh, arrived Newark at midnight, shuttled to Hotel, Howard Johnson Plaza Manhattan. Arrived at 12:45am, dropped our bags and walked to time square.

FRI 9/13 – went to info centre first then walked to Empire State Building, went up 86 floors to the observatory deck. Beautiful clear sunny day. Went to broadway and bought tickets for the Graduate. Walked to Grand Central Station then tried to get to United Nations but was blocked off due to high security, President was there for a summit about Iraq. Walked all around past many landmarks including Rockerfeller Centre, New York Library, Chrysler building, Saks on Fifth Avenue. Had a steak dinner then went to the Graduate starring Kathleen Turner and Jason Biggs.

SAT 9-14 – Took subway downtown to the Bowling Green and Battery Park, joined in a walking history tour of early New York history in lower Manhattan. Walked thru the financial district, wall st. Took boat cruise out to Liberty Island (statue of liberty), passed by Ellis Island. Walked up to Ground Zero and saw the trade centre site and memorial. Subwayed back to hotel, freshened up then subway back to Chinatown and Little Italy for their San Genaro Festival which was nuts, too crowded. Had a nice Italian dinner at Sal’s.

SUN 9-15 – Went to Broadway on Broadway, 50,000 people in time square, the best of all broadway showcased. It rained that afternoon and evening so we went to the American Museum of Natural History and the Rose Space Centre. Awsome Museum and saw a planetarium show narrated by Harrison Ford. Had dinner at Planet Hollywood which was good. Rested at hotel for while then went out to a comedy club called Ha! 6 different comedians, some good, some bad.

MON 9-16 – walked to Bloomingdales, then went to Central Park, Roller bladed thru the park. Weather was getting nice again, subwayed to coney island which took us across the Brooklyn Bridge and thru Brooklyn, Coney island had a nice beach and boardwalk but was mostly closed down for the season so we just had lunch and an icecream and subwayed back, We got off at 34th st and went to Macy’s department store and Madison Square Gardens. We tried United Nations again and got a little closer for a picture, but it was still blocked off. Had dinner a Planet Hollywood again, our favorite spot. Then went to the Majestic Theatre and saw Phantom of the Opera.

TUE 9/17 – beautiful hot sunny day, went to the Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum, went on a Nuclear Sub, Destroyer, and an aircraft carrier, did some quick last minute souvegnir shopping then took bus to airport, flew home thru Charlotte, N.C. arrived in Seattle by 10pm had an interesting flight with guy from Everett..

blackbird on intrepid aircraft carrier deck

bridge in nuclear submarine

brooklin bridge

building covered in tarp with torn wtc flag

destroyer gunman

downtown 2

downtown historic tour

downtown view from empire state building


ellis island

empire state building

grand central station 2

grand central station

horse cop in timessquare

intrepid aircraft carrier deck

italian street festival


madison square garden

mom and the statue of liberty

mom on empire state building

new york 001

new york 002

nuclear sub and destroyer

phatom of the opera

piece of berlin wall and tanks

planet hollywood

public library


stone street

the statue of liberty 2

the statue of liberty





top of empire state building

trevor and the statue of liberty 2

trevor and the statue of liberty

uptown view from empire state building

view from edge of empire state building

world trade center 5

world trade center banner

world trade center memorial

world trade center

American Museum of Natural History 2

American Museum of Natural History 3

American Museum of Natural History 4

American Museum of Natural History


c3po and r2d2

central park 10 dog walkers

central park 11 water resevoir

central park 12 the lake

central park 2

central park 3

central park 4

central park 5

central park 6

central park 7 the lawn

central park 8 castle

central park 9

central park boat house

central park horses

central park

coney island beach

coney island boardwalk

coney island cylone

intrepid aircraft carrier

Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum

rockafellar center

Rose Center for earth and space

subway 1

subway 2

subway 3

the late show


toys r us on timesquare

World Trade Center Site (Ground Zero)