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In Olympiclaaaaaanddd!

Man, I don’t know WHAT all you people are talking about saying Athens is really dirty… Maybe they have cleaned up a lot for the olympics, but, Athens is GREAT!!! It’s SO much cleaner than Naples– heck it’s even much cleaner than ROME! and it’s one of the first non-swisterspace cities we’ve been to that doesn’t have an overbearing SMELL, so YOUUuuu can all just…. all come to Greece.

Today, we went out to do the touristy things, saw the Acropolys and the other ruins, so that was cool. Other reasons why we like Athens better than Rome: There are less tourists (SO much less), and Greece actually acknowleges Canadians as students, and we apply to student discount. In all of italy, only EU people count as students >: ( … Aaaaaand the people are nicer, everything is cheap, and the service is MUCH much better. Unless of course you want anything having to do with the Olympics, in which case you can expect the price to have been multiplied by ten 0__0

We are staying the night over again and then,first thing in the morning, we are heading off for eight days in the Greek Islands– Paros and Santorini. It’s kind of our vacation within a vacation, so we pre-bought all of our hotels and transportation to reduce our stress… came to about 420Euro for the both of us for all eight days! Nice hotels too, so we be chillin’ on tha beach and stuffs.

Forgot to mention updates in the last post, so much updatey stuff: Gallery updates in Pompeii, Rome, Athens and Cinque Terre

and a bunch of moviesss!
Roman Legionnaires!
Some movie having to do with Pompei but we can’t remember what it is…
Panorama of the Parthenon in Rome.
The crazily narrow vatican stairs!.
Panorama of Athens from the Acropolis
Clip of the insane greek soccer mob that has been going on for about an hour now *as I write!!*

Love you all! Baiee



We go ZOOM across Europe!!

Last night we took the train down to Napoli and found out that hotels there really don’t like to give people rooms. we ==almost== had to spend the night in the train station, but found someone to help us and found a place in the end. So, that left a bad impression of Naples on us, so we zoomed out of there ASAP.

Now we are in Pompeii! For those who don’t know, this city is famous because it was a big Roman city that got BURRIED IN LAVA and then perfectly preserved! so, the ruins are really cool, because you can still see mosaics and original PAINT on the walls!!

We are staying in a hostel here tonight, and we bought a flight tomorrow night from Rome to Athens. We’re going to stay there overnight (because our plane arrives late) and then we are going to go to one of the islands to chill for awhile.

Miss you allll!


Roamin’ Roma…

Hi everyone! We have been in Italy for a few days now, we are enjoying it so far! We spent two days in Cinque Terre, a beautiful region of five villages on the west coast of Northern Italy. Everything there is really colourful and warm… we spent quite awhile on the beach!

When we left, we did a super-tour of other cities in Italy… hitting both Pisa and Florence on the way to Rome. Pisa wasn’t bad… the tower was cool (that was really the only reason we went XD) and Florence was very pretty as well… except all the major attractions cost a lot of money!!

But now we have found ourselves in Rome… we are staying in a nice little hotel here (a hotel which, ironically, the price per night is cheaper and the rooms are nicer than the hostel for a private room, so we thought… why not? We are kind of tired of people snoring all the time x___X)

Rome is really cool, but it’s so terribly chaotic! The best way to “find” your way around is to go “Let’s go THAT WAY” and keep walking until you hit something that looks old and big XD… either that or follow one of the tours, they generally know where they’re going. Today we saw a bunch of the big sites, but none of the Vatican or churches because they enforce a dress code of long pants and long-sleeved shirts and I didn’t want to die of heat exhaustian today… we’re going to do that tomorrow.

From here, we may go to Athens and a Greek Islands or further south in Italy before going to Athens… we’re not sure where the best flights are yet.

Does anyone know how to get one of those super cheap standby flight thingies…?

Miss you all…


In Bootshape!

Yay… I know the internet has been sketchy… sorry about that, we’re doing all we can from way out here! Anyway, we finally made it out of Switzerland!

To the Swiss’ credit, Interlakken is REALLY nice, much nicer than bern… but there’s no way we could have stayed there for more than a day-trip. Sooooo expensive to eat and sleep and entertain oneself. We still can’t figure out why most things have normal prices (clothes and electronics and DVDs…) but FOOD and Entertainment (specifically movies) have just outrageous through the roof prices!! We ate at McD’s… for $29.

The best part about Interlakken is definitely the stupid tourist trap ride we went on :D It was this train that you took a little bit up the mountains (trails and a restaurant up there and a neat hamster wheel thing)…. but on the way down you could take this SWEEET MONORAIL SLIDE THING!!! It was awesome.
Movie of the Sliiiide

We left interlakken early to take advantage of our Rail Pass day starting at 7:oo and getting to see a bit of the swiss-alps train ride. It was totally worth it… even if we DID have two or three hours to kill in a train station in Brig, where nothing was open but bars and prices for ANYTHING was ridiculous. We did meet a backpacker from Philly tho…

We took the overnight train to Florence (if anyone ever asks you if you want a couchette on the train, the answer should be a VEHEMENT NO AT ALL POSSIBLE COSTS UNLESS MANDATORY) and then transferred the train to La Spezia…

We really like it here so far, so we are going to stay for awhile we think. It’s a small and crazy italian town right by the water. All the buildings are really colourful and the area is so pretty and warm… (we finally went to the beach!!)

I don’t speak italian, sadly, but we are getting by with what little each person seems to understand of the other’s language. The people are really loud ^__^ I’m starting to understand why my family acts the way they do… heh. I was getting funny looks for awhile, and I figured out it was because that I was the only person around here wearing a sleeveless shirt and shorts. The people around here are wearing jeans and sometimes even a coat! AT first I nervously thought it was because I was being immodest… but that didn’t make sense because some of the clothes they sell in shops here are even more risque..One woman poked me and said something Italian indicating her sweater… then I figured out that, in may, this weather is still cold for them! ^__^

The food here is a reasonable price (at last! we can afford to EAT again!!!) and oh goodness is it ever FANTASTIC! I got this pasta dish with clams in it… I really just pointed to something… but it had, like, A MILLION CLAMS!! XD

We’re going to Cinque Terre park region now, it’s supposed to be just fantastically spectacular, I’ve been looking forward to this for awhile!

Tons of new pictures… in Paris, Caen, Switzerspace and Cinque Terre

I really want to call home, but phones are even more expensive than internet here (which is expensive… like… 4


In Switzerspace

Well, we had quite a time trying to get to Switzerland… but we finally made it…

And now we’re trying desperately to leave T___T

We thought LONDON was expensive — gosh at least we could afford to EAT (I can’t find the exclamation point, btw…) Here, not only is food at a minimum 20SwF (which is roughly a dollar), we can’t even go light and eat at a bakery because the country of banks does not seem to recognize any of our banks. We can’t take out money here. Period. None of the ATMs work with ANY of our cards. So, we can only get t hings that we can pay for with Visa: which are few and far between and tend to be expensive.

That combined with the fact that hostiles are both full and really expensive and the fact that Bern is really< really boring means that I want to get out of Switzerland ASAP. We thought we’d head over to Nice… but the entirety of France is on a rail strike until Friday. We can’t survive here that long, so tomorrow morning we’re hitting Interlakken (a nice-sounding, but still expensive mountain town) and then given’er that night down to La Spezia in Italy. We may not get to see the Riviera at all ;_____;

Otherwise, the USB converter is still being finnicky, and we’re STILL hoping it’s temporary, but it has to be fixed soon because otherwise we NEED to buy some kind of converter. The onlz one we can find so far is about 50 bucks ;___;

We miss your comments but appreciate you all coming bY to see our site,
Talk to you all later, hopefully when we’re far away from switzerland and well fed:

(They don’t even serve WATER in these restaurants+++)


OMG giver is back up!

WOW that was a huge blackout….sorry!! You all can expect another one for a day or two when the server gets moved back to Surrey. Super_huge

Thanks to MILES!!

for being super cool and getting it fixed for us. Apparenly, it had a lot of viruses…

So, we have a lot to update you on!! Our last post was from our last day in London/Windsor, and since then we have been to many places! Let’s see… we took the Eurostar to Paris, and since we missed the early train, we didn’t make it there until the afternoon. We met our Paris host, Pierre-Yves (an engineer for Peugeot ;) ) and he took us around Paris__ a few nice parks and the Notre Dame, and the City Hall.. We learned very quickly that Paris is LE HUGE! And very charming, I love it very much :)

On our second day there, we did the Paris thing: Tour Eiffel, Arc de Triomphe, Baguettes and the Louvre. The Louvre is also HUGE; there is no way that we could have seen it all, I think, even though we were practically running… thank GOODNESS it wasn’t all paintings @__@;;; a lot of interesting stuff there.

The third day, the weather was suckety suck suck as usual so we decided to focus on Indoorsy things. We went first to a French department store– much like Sack’s fifth avenue in New York__ we went to see a heavily advertized Lingerie display– but it was not as “ooh la la!” as we had expected ;) We did see a funny shirt that said ” Miss– your future is showing!” :D

Then we decided to track down Sacr頃oeur __ a huge church that we saw from the peak of the Eiffel Tower– it’s all white and at the top of a hill. I really recommend it, the architecture was Fantastic!! I bought an informative book about it :)

From there we went to the “Maison des invalides”__ a french war museum which was pretty nice…not as nice as the British one, but what made the trip worth it was the Tomb of Napoleon. Let me tell you– what a fantastically huge tomb! SO elaborate and Romanesque… definitely worth the trip.

We made a quick stop at Notre Dame but it is so touristy that nobody has any respect for the beautiful sanctuary that it truly is ;____; Then we ate crepes.

Then, on our quest to go to the Normandy beaches, we decided to make a two day side- trip to Caen. It’s really a beautiful city… huge churches. Trevor bought a triple set of Katana with stand for 20? XD… just for the irony, and I tried Turkish delight :D We decided to go on a 67? guided tour of the beaches. Pricey, yes, but totally worth it. After both looking into price of a car rental and going on the trip and seeing how way out all of these places are and far apart and backroady– we never could have done it ourselves. And so much has eroded away, the sights would be useless w/o a guide. PLUS it was a car with only six people on the tour and our guide was a very well informed and dynamic Irishman. The tour went to Omaha beach, a few german gun battery sites, the American, Canadian AND German war cemeteries…. but no Juno beach :( … altho, we did learn a LOT about that one Canadian infantry… did you know that the Canadians penetrated the farthest on D-Day (16km) and were the ones that liberated Caen? You see a LOT of Canadian flags in this area… the people are indeed very grateful and still very aware of what happened.

We stayed the night at a cute little inn, and the next day tramped across town in the pouring rain to see the Museum that came with the tour. Then we trained back to Paris….

We had intended to train to Switzerland that night, but people on the tracks delayed the train so much that we ended up crashing on PYves again ( who rocks !!). So, we bought a railpass and are going to Switzerland tonight!

So, now your are all caught up ^_^… there are many new pictures in the gallery… in London and also in a big Paris gallery. No Caen pictures yet because we are having problems with our USB thing…. hopefully it is temporary. Also, there is video!
Down the eiffel tower elevator
Traffic around the Arc de Triomphe
A French changing of the guard

Right click save as!! ^___^ Love you all and miss you!



This is just a quick post from Windsor, england! I can see the castle right outside my window :D We finally found a cafe with windows XP, but the trade is no access to USB ports, so unfortunately, no pictures this post. It’s a shame, as we’ve taken so many :D

Yesterday, we visited the markets at Coventry Garden and Camden Town (the punky district– all the club stores, really neat.) The rain has been even worse, with tons of sudden downpours. Today has been interspersed with Sun and thundershowers. The people here are really loud for some reason x_x

We took the train this morning (got up really early) and went up to the castle. We got in almost first! The castle is really beautiful and I got a lot of great exterior shots with my SLR, but unfortunately they wouldn’t let us take pictures of the beautiful interior :O!! I bought a pack of postcards because it really was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Everything was so beautiful! And detailed.

I hope today that we’ll finally be successful at eating at an English pub. Yesterday we were so exhausted we kind of slept through dinner… oops :/

We’ve decided to get to Paris by train, at last :| it took a lot of online searching, but in the end it looks like this train across the chunnel for


We’re not Dead!

Yay, we finally got to an internet cafe! We managed to fly out without any complications, luckily, but of course we were on the red-eye and didn’t get much sleep either :/

SO our first day in London began when we landed at 1:30 in the afternoon. We took the tube down to our host’s house in Bowes Park and finally met him! He’s very nice, and we talked to quite awhile. He’s a financial advisor and lives in a nice two-story townhome, and was able to offer us our own private room with our own full bathroom and a queen futon! We are so lucky and fortunate. He even offered to take us out to London that day so we could get our bearings! We did so much and hit most of the touristy spots, but didn’t spend much time there as it was late and we were just getting the feel for the land.

So, today, we woke up early and went pounding the pavement, but gosh! The begginning of today was just AWFUL. first of all, it was pouring rain, and cold. I know that’s to be expected of England, but still it was dreary after yesterday’s BEAUTIFUL warm weather. We headed straight for Buckhingham palace for the changing of the guard and– thanks to Mark’s great advice — secured a PERFECT photo spot. But minutes before the ceremony they evacuated the ENTIRE GARDEN due to some securiy threat!! We were terribly upset and disappointed because we had already spent so much time getting out there and standing around waiting — in the rain no less. So… not too happy about that. We wandered around the city a bit, and toured the art museum before going to find the Imperial War museum.

By then, of course, we were a bit hungry to we stopped in a little English pub to get food. That was kind of stupid – we must have made the WORST choice in pubs because not only did it take them almost 10 minutes to just TAKE my order while I was just standing at the bar, but it took them another 45 minutes before I asked for my money back. They made us pay in advance and we were only getting simple sandwiches and a handful of potato chips. D:

Thankfully, after that our luck got a lot better. The weather let up, and the war museum was GREAT!! (And FREE!! :D :D And HUGE :D ) it had great exhibits– but if you ever go there, the Blitzkrieg Experience is NOT worth the wait. We then went to the Tower Bridge and the Tower castle before heading home.

As for our impressions of London/England… London is a lot like New York… except british. Everything is painfully crowded and expensive, but it gets better the farther you get from Times Square (or picadilly circus.)

The people are very nice, and there isn’t much culture shock except for a few things. Kids speaking with British accent is one thing, another is just the crazy ways they do little things.. a third is “Mind your head” or “Mind your step” instead of “Watch your step” .

There are a lot of Bricks in London and everything grows OUT instead of UP like New York City.

And Finally, the internet is NOT as prevalent as it is in Canada, contrary to what we were told. Maybe it’s just because we know the places to go in Vancouver, or maybe it’s just London, but this is only the second Internet Cafe we’ve seen, they charge

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We go YERP!!

Just one more exam!! I’m so excited I could jump through the roof, and so nervous, too! ;____;
Things to do yet: sew Canada leaf on my backpack and buy massive amounts of film! :O



Just sorting out some financial stuff before I go.. doing some odd jobs to make some extra bling so I can afford to eat in Europe! I’m also trying to figure out what I’m going to take for a camera .. my uncle has a nice Canon g5 that I’m going to try and steal (er I mean borrow).