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Thailand Trip Photos

I finally sorted through our Thailand photos and synced them online to my Picasa. There are still 1,500 photos after doing some weeding, but we were gone for 42 days… ok thats still a lot of pics.

Thailand - 03 - Chiang Mai Thailand - 05 - Chiang Rai Hong Kong Thailand - 07 - Phi Phi Thailand - 02 - Kanchanaburi Thailand - 06 - Phang Nga Bay Thailand - 04 - Hilltribe Trek New York 2010

Nanaimo Trip 2007

Here are some photos and video from this years trip to my parents place in Nanaimo.

Wasn't the best of weather this year, was sunny before and after the weekend, go figure. SO the river was super cold, hence the wetsuits. I only had a half suit thingy so i was pretty cold still. Fun as always though and the TreeGO thing was super fun!


License Bingo!

On our trip I thought it would be fun to track all the license plats we saw and see how many we could see! Well we saw a lot! Here is a screen shot of the excel file we used. As you can see the top part is plates we saw while in Canada, so we saw a lot of people from the states around Canada.


Below is our “license plate bingo” report. The states/provinces in red were traveled through, the states/provinces in green are license plates we encountered on our travels. Yes, you are looking at a map of everything but West Virginia. So, if you’re from W. Virginia, you need to get out more. Although, I think it’s possible that we DID see W. Virginia, but thought it was Virginia and dismissed it :/



Photo Update

Just a quick update with photos for PEI, Nova Scotia (Cape Breton, Halifax) and New England USA.


- Nova Scotia

- New England

Green Light, Go Go Go

We are going to use my CKA Blog as our Cross-Canada road trip travel blog.

I changed the name of the blog and some of the graphics. We will try and post as often as we can, and upload pics. This blog will also by syndicated on the facebooks.

We have been preparing and packing for the trip all weekend. I've been burning a bunch of new music CD's to listen to. I also bought this thing that is kinda like the “iTrip” for the iPod. It plugs into the lighter and transmits over FM Radio to the cars stereo. In the device you can plug and audio-in cable or a USB flash card. With this device we can listen to the audio from the laptop in the cars stereo! So we can watch various tv-shows, movies and documentaries while driving. And the driver can at least listen along.

We are planning on leaving tomorrow, but I’m waiting to get the car washed at the guys in the Wall-Center parking. I also need to make a couple stops, so we will probably have a late start.


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Las Vegas Photos

Finally got around to uploading the pictures from our Las Vegas trip

We went on an awsome 3 night Sun Peaks trip after that, but forgot to take any pictures :( We had some great skiing though, it snowed and we had lots of fresh powder!

Las Vegas Trip

Me and my girlfriend went on a fairly last minute trip to Las Vegas this week for 3 nights. It was her reading week and I found a pretty awsome deal, so we went.

I had been a couple times before, but not really for years, so lots of new things.

Some things we did:

- The Star Trek Experience, museum, 4D theater, simulator ride, quarks bar

- Stratosphere rides, both involve hanging off the side of the tall tower, was pretty cool.

- Walking through and around almost every major hotel/casino on the strip.

- The dueling pianos at New York New York, really awsome!

- Treasure Island pirates show

- Mystere by Cirque Du Sole. My first Cirque show, it was amazing.

- Coca Cola store, I bought a bunch of stuff :)

We really didn't gamble, drink or club, we weren't really into it.


Extreme Adventure Skiing!

I invented a new sport! EXteme adventure skiing!!

wel, like the lower shit part of blackcome, it was really cold so the snow was good all the way down. last run of day i didnt wanna just go down the normal boring way. at the top of solar I saw some tracks into the forest there, never been there. went in, was awsome. cept going deeper.. tracks ended. but i cept given're. oh and I was alone at this point, she went on the run

then it went to shit

there was a big creek i couldn't cross, so kept going down along it, then it got steeper.. and more dense.. then really steep and dense… then unpassable. So i had to cross the creek. i threw my pools and skiis over the creek, then had to jumnp across grabbing this branch/log to make it. then got my skiing ona gain, but it was so thick, and not really enough snow.. well there was just barely.

I eventual came out onto some road. i was pretty concerned i would end up going way out of the ski area and be lost and hafta hike. but now i know that you can keep going even farther! i wanna do it again, lol it was fun.

Home Again Home Again..

Well, Trevor and I landed safely in Vancouver after experiencing the joy that is sleeping on the floor of London Heathrow. We enjoyed a fantastic Canada day, and then I landed safely (again) in Allentown.

So this is the end of our adventure… we learned so much! Most importantly, we learned that we love each other, we make a great team, and yes, Vancouver really is as awesome as we always knew it was :) .

But is this the end of giver? Actually, Trevor and I would like to work to make this site available to ANY Canadian going backpacking. We think that the folks back home enjoyed our travel log and being able to see our pictures… more people should enjoy the same thing! We also want to make it so that by entering data into the “travel plans” section, you can see what other members of giver will be in the same city at the same time and meet up with them…

What we want to know is: WHAT DID YOU THINK of our travel site? What do you think could be done to improve it for you- the reader? We need your help, so we will appreciate any comments left below VERY MUCH. We want to make Giver happen!

Also, soon, I will be scanning the many many many short comics and doodles from my (two) journals. I’ll make a gallery for them for you all to enjoy… Remember to Giv’er! Love you all…

IN BelgiumLand!!

Giver deleted about an hour