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Testing Posting script [General]

Just setup my personal homepage so that when i post there it auto posts the same entry on liveJournal, JEA JEA

So new years was pretty fun, good to hangout with friends i dont see too often anymore, like the good old days chillin at jons house. I think running up that hill was a bad idea though, felt SOO sick, i felt like death this morning :(
I took a couple pics and there up on my website here:

Got invited to stay up at a condo in Big White jan 17th 18th, gunna ROCK!! Havn't been to Big White in a couple of years, and they have a new spiffy gondola. Roberto and Braden are going and I invited Angela, aswell as some of Roberto's Kelowna friends.

The way is shut. It was made by those who are dead, and the dead keep it. The way is shut

So this is my first post, i have tried this type of journal business before, always seem to forget about it and stuff. But im gunna try to use this one this time. I will tie the posting into my homepage.

Just giver eh! Yah so just watched the movie Fubar, was pretty good, I can't believe that guy died, hurts my head…

So its my 3rd night back in my old town of Hope, been having a sorta lan party thing, mostly just hanging out with friends. I think today were gunna have more of a real lan though, Mike and Ria are coming from Richmond and Mat darcy from Chilliwack I think. Just used my Christmas pressie, burnt my History of britain and some other documentaries onto DVD's.

Braden informed me that the weather up at whistler this week looks like its gunna OWN! snow in the forcast ALL week. Can't wait till the 3rd, Me, Braden, Otto, Roberto, Brandon and Miles are going I think, not sure if we will stay overnight at the Hostile or in the cars or just drive home. I'm like twitching, i need to go skiing!! been to long over xmas break, stupid Student pass black-out period!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR