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New Ski Gear!

After skiing at Whistler for my birthday we went walking around the village looking at ski shops. I bought some new gear! I got new boots and gloves.

Salomon Xwave 8 Ski Boots


Salomon M-Booster XCR Gloves

Click to see

New snow coming this weekend, planning on going up on sunday, can't wait to try out the new stuff!

Jobs vs. Gates: Who's the Star?

Interesting article:,70072-0.html

Google images

1) The name of your street: Burrard

2) The last company you worked for: Friesen Electric

3) Your favourite flavour of ice cream: Tiger

4) The song in your head: Vertigo

5) What you did last summer: Backpack Europe

6) I grew up in: harrison hot springs

7) but now I live in: Downtown Vancouver

8) My name is: Trevor (jason) May 2

10) My favourite drink is: Coke 2

Quizes are ghey

All those stupid Lj Quizes that are a million miles long are retarded! BOO TO THEM!
I made a much better quiz!

1.) Is Angela covered in JAM?

2.) is Angela made of Jam?

So I never post!

LOL looks like sits beena while since i posted, can't get into the habbit. I'm other insanely busy or lazy.

I got my warcraft3 figures today, there pretty rad!

warcraft_figures03.jpg warcraft_figures02.jpg warcraft_figures01.jpg

lah lah lah…. HELLOOOOOOO

I think I’m never going to drink vodka again, i hate it so much now, tastes SOO bad. The smell of it makes me sick.

But I had an awesome weekend of drinking and relaxing. Went out Friday night drinking with Angela, played a drinking game watching anime, every time a certain thing happened in the anime we all had to drink, hehe
We then went and saw kill bill and drink more, Angela seems to loose the ability to walk when drunk, lol ;) *MUAH*-Angela

Saturday evening we went ice skating and then clubbing at the Sonar, there was a really great band called Ozomatli playing. Sunday evening we went out to this neat English tavern restaurant then saw the movie Big Fish, which was excellent. Fun was had by all.

Rockin, Rock & Rock, Radio, Lets go!

Randomize your playlist and write the first 15 songs that come up!

1. Ravel – For Orchestra
2. Arrogant Worms – Burn the White House
3. Savatage – Not_What You See
4. The Ataris – eight of nine
5. Good Charlote – Undergrads Theme Song
6. DMX – Good Girls, Bad Guys feat Dyme (Bonus Track)
7. beatles – the_night_before
8. Whitetown – Never Be Your Woman
9. Collective Soul – She Said
10. Kiss – War Machine
11. U2 – Desire
12. beatles – norwegian_wood
13. Queens Of The Stone Age – Gonna Leave You
14. Adam Sandler – The Beating Of A High School Science Teacher
15. Nin – Head Like A Hole (Copper)

weekend update

So I had a most excellent weekend with Angela, Saturday night went out to a bar with her sorority, which was great. We were to walk her friend home, but she was fine Ang on the other hand had some difficulty walking, hehe. Then the stupid fire alarm went off, boo! Sunday slept in! ahh sleeping in is good, neva get too anymore! stupid 8:30am classes! GRRRRRR Then we went for a jog, I want to try and start running again, its hard to get motivated, specially in the morning.

Then went downtown and met molly and my brother, went to dinner with my mom, then my and my brother went to the hockey game, Ang and molly went to the movies. The game was pretty good, 3rd period was great and there was a big fight in the stands, very entertaining! After drove molly home to the boonies! otherwise known as white rock, hehe

Monday night went out for dinner with Angela's dad, i think that went ok, i hope it did, considering he didn’t find out about me until 3min before I met him. So things are going really good, I am very happy, things are going pretty good at school too all things considered. Our pirate game was approved and making some progress in it and I have a bunch of work for broken saints to do.

Indestructible [General]

OMFG I think im gunna die this semester! I have my regular full course load, plus they gave us a free level editing class, because they fucked us last semester. and everyday i have school classes start at 8:30am!!! I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON!

I do have 3 days off this term, which is nice, but NONE are in a row, so i can never really go out, or go away, cuz the next day i will have an 8:30 class. One of those days off im working at Friesens in Abbotsford, cuz I need money. Another day probably Friday gunna try to go skiing at Whistler. Plus at school were starting a new game, so much work to be done, and im working a bit on another game, so more outside work than normal. Plus spending time with Angie which I really enjoy and want to spend as much time with her as I can. So its gunna be rough, going to be harsh burnt out, no time for personal projects or games :(


HOKAY so my car is suckin real bad in the cold weather! I think the tranny took a step in the wrong direction on the trip to whistler. 4th gear only works sometimes, I kinda figured out howta get it too work. And now the car won't go into ANY gear when its cold!!!! takes a good 15min warming up before go time. FUN FUN and as always reverse doesn't work until been driving for awhile, makes parallel extra fun! Tried getting into a spot on Broadway the other night, NO GO! Angela and I went out for dinner then watched Pirates of the Caribbean :D

Lah Lah LAh, “working” hard at Friesen Electric in Abbotsford, hoping I don't get snowed in! I harsh need to make some $$$ I have $550 on my visa I have to pay as of… new years? Ooops In 2 days im almost half there, made $130 last night $70-80 today, and sometime this month I will get my banner money from muh website, $132 USD, So I need to get some money from my parents, was doing pretty good, went 2 months without any, xmas put a damper on that!

YIPPY first day of classes for me start at 8:30am tomorrow! OMFG X_x Stupid school didn't give me 2 days of in a row! were supposed too. And the school isn't open 24 hours anymore!!!! GRRRR petition time! DIE AI DIE!