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The Hobbit High Frame Rate

So yah, high frame rate… I want to like new things, in theory it sounds good and 24gps film is an outdated standard from almost 100 years ago, but…. Not sure I like it. I definitely get what a lot of reviews say that it looks like a video game or watching a live play. The scenes with CG, lots of light and a moving camera look fake, lots of movements look sped up, specially close-ups in brightly lit scenes. The first 10min all looked very strange, but after that you start to get used to it. Then there will be a scene that is kinda jarring that reminds you. It defiantly works better with dark low light scenes. It also helps a lot with the 3D, no blurriness, no eye strain and everything is SUPER crisp, maybe too much so at times.

I have to go see the movie again in normal 24fps non-3D to compare. I suspect I will enjoy it more the old-school way :(

GoPro Helmet Cam Skiing Videos

I received a GoPro Helmet Hero HD for Christmas and have been having fun recording some skiing videos. I am so far pretty impressed with the GoPro, the quality of the 1080p video in sunlight is very good. I have had some problems with the camera going wonky and the video getting messed up in cold temperatures. A couple times I had to remove the battery to get the camera to turn off. It seems the problem might be the memory card though, so I am going to try buying a different SD card.

This is my video of a backcountry day trip I went on in January and my favorite video so far.
Hanging Valley Backcountry Skiing


2 New Canadian Political websites I’ve been working on

I am excited to announce two new and exciting Canadian political websites I’ve been working on all summer. Both are focused on increasing peoples engagement with politics and promoting open government. is a non-partisan service that strives to connect elected MP’s & MLA’s with the Canadian people via Twitter. From one easy location keep track what politicians are saying and doing and what regular Canadians have to say about current politics. politwitter does the searching for you, maintaining a list of politicians and political hash tags on Twitter.

“Twitter is a micro-blogging, social messaging service that can assist MPs in promoting themselves, talking to their constituents, promoting issues and increasing transparency in government. Twitter features brief, to-the-point messages and is accessible by computers and Mobile phones. It can be a valuable tool to get re-elected, creating that personal connection with the public.”

You can view federal & provincial tweets narrowed down by partisan affiliation, province, MPs and more. The site also has a list of MP’s not currently using twitter and allows the visitor to send communications to these MP’s, encouraging them to use twitter. Politwitter wants to see more MP’s using twitter to connect with the Canadian public, promote causes and increase transparency in government.

This service stands as the initial Canadian domestic Twitter site as well as it intends to have a broader range than alternative countries’ domestic Twitter mashups (, In addition to gathering together all the relevant tweets, Politwitter doubles as a complete replacement, since those who visit the site are able to tweet, retweet, post pics, shorten URLs & more directly from the site. The site also allows real-time updates of tweets, which is very useful during active events like elections.

The site launched right before the BC Provincial election and received a surge of traffic and interest, even being linked to on the BC NDP website. The federal website is also linking to the site and politwitter has a new customizable widget which allows anyone to place political tweets on their website or blog. This is particularly useful for MP’s websites, they can add a widget showing other MP tweets from the same political party.

Politwitter archives all political tweets, so there is a permanent record that can be used for statistics, trending and a public record. There is a detailed statistics page, which breaks down many partisan and regional twitter stats. The site also tracks photos and links posted by political tweeters & MP’s.

I think Twitter is a valuable political tool and Politwitter a valuable tool to bring together everything in the Canadian political Twitter world.


I also want to announce the brand new, based off in the US. Parliament 2 is where anyone can set the nation’s priorities. Imagining how the parliament might work if it was run completely democratically through the internet.

Visitors can add their top priorities for Canada and endorse or oppose the priorities added by others. Users can then add arguments for or against each issue and discuss them. Hopefully many Canadians will join including elected MP’s. It would be exciting to see what the results of an open internet democracy would bring.

The site is only a week old and already over 400 Canadians have joined adding over 60 priorities and hundreds of discussions. k29dt3fcei

Colossal waste of time

I went down to check this out, firstly the general traffic on Friday was bad, but then once I got in the area it was deadlock traffic. And its a small industrial road which normally has no traffic i would imagine. There was no where to park, horrible location. I eventually park illegally and get in the line. There was so many people there! I find out the line goes way around the block where I can't see. I don't know WHY i stayed, but i did for 4 hours! The sun set, it got really cold and it was drizzling on and off. They then announce that they are closing and the line is still as long as I got there, it moved so slowly. They have a huge warehouse but are only letting 40 people in at a time, and it seems like people never come out. So they count the first 200 people in the line and start giving them tickets to come back tomorrow to jump ahead in the new queue tomorrow. But right as I’m near the end of the line the decided to let 20 more people in, the 20 comes up 4 people short of me, AHHHHH! Of course some people who already got a ticket and left the line saw this and started a big uproar. So i got my ticket, but I don't know if I will go back tomorrow. The only way i lasted was I had my smartphone to keep me entertained, most people didn’t.

I think the advertising and press this got was misleading. It makes it sound like the place is going to be full of cool movies costumes. But I never saw a single person come out with anything cool, just normal clothes. Many people came out with nothing after waiting hours. Near the end of the line you could see a small glimpse into the warehouse, all I could see was closes and some suits. Which is fine if that’s what you want, but i went to find cool movie costumes, something sci-fi or military.

The only good thing is my car wasn’t towed because me and 100s other cars were parked illegally.

New Mountain Bike, Take 2

I bought a new mountain bike today since my last one was stolen. I decided to get a more agressive downhill bike this time.

2008 Devinci Frantik


Bike Stolen


I just went down to my parking garage to find someone has stolen my downhill mountain bike! AHHHHH
what a ton of money down the drain, and I really liked the bike, It was only a month or 2 old.

Sustainable Living Expo

Anyone want to go to this Saturday evening?


Anyone wanna see Battlestar Galactica on the Big Screen!

Anyone want to drive down to Redmond/Seattle for the day!?

Battlestar Galactica: Razor” will screen at select movie theaters on Monday, Nov. 12, nearly two weeks before it debuts on the Sci Fi Channel, it was announced Friday (Oct. 26).

“Razor” revolves around the harrowing adventures of young officer Kendra Shaw (Stephanie Jacobsen) who becomes a ruthless warrior under the wing of Battlestar Pegasus commander Admiral Helena Cain during a six-month siege by the Cylons. After Shaw proves herself as a battle-hardened protege, she finds difficulty dealing with Lee Adama (Jamie Bamber), whose first mission as a commander is replacing Cain on Pegasus.

The special two-hour extended episode will hit theaters, thanks to Sci Fi and Microsoft, in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Dallas and Seattle. Admission is free, but seats are extremely limited. Ticket information can be found at

W00t New Ski Jacket!

I went to the Arcteryx factory outlet tent sale this morning and got myself a new ski jacket! I was shocked to arrive and see a 200-300m lineup to get in! And all the parking lots were full in the adjacent areas.

They didn't have any sidewinders, or any left. I think thats the jacket I most wanted. But the Stingray is pretty much the same, so i'm happy.



TV Show Recommendations

I just wanted to pass on the word about 2 excellent TV mini-series worth watching. (and both available on the… torrents)

The Lost Room” – SciFi Channel

Its scifi, but 'Outer Limits' style scifi. This show is so good I’ve watched it twice, even my mom loved it so much she watched it all at once!

Jekyll” – BBC

“There's a new Dr Jekyll with an old problem… Mr Hyde”

So those are the 2 shows that I want to share that might have slipped under your radar, they were not super promoted. Also here is a list of shows that me and Angela actively watch or are currently watching.

Battlestar Galactica


The Office

The IT Crowd (British)



Stargate Atlantis

Little Mosque on the Prairie

Earth2 (currently watching, old 90's sci-fi)

I also wanted to share a great torrent site for tracking your favourite shows. It has a schedule of when shows come out and lists when shows return from break. You can create a list of your favourite shows, and the list shows when there is a new episode.