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  • Name: Trevor Jason May
  • Birthday: Jan 3, 1982
  • Nickname: Canadaka
  • Height: 6′ 0”
  • Ethnic Background: Caucasian
  • Religion: Agnostic Atheist
  • Location: Vancouver, BC Canada
  • Hometown: Harrison Hot Springs
  • Occupation: Web Dev, IT, Game Art

Mini Bio:

I am a Super Patriotic Canadian! I love my country, so much so I run a large Canadian website & forum called “Canada Kicks Ass” or CKA. I am also a member of the Liberal party of Canada, which I think is “Canada’s Natural party” ;)

I grew up on a campground in Harrison Hot Springs. It was probably the best upbringing one could have, meeting new people every week, being outdoors and camping all the time.

I have been a computer geek since the 386 and proud of my geekness! I have experience in many areas of IT, and my skills are both technical and artistic. I have completed a Game Art & Animation program at the Arts Institute Vancouver as well as part of comp-sci at ucfv.

I am a ski nut, I’ve had a whistler seasons pass for the last 4 years and try to get up much as possible. I also love dirt biking only wish I currently had a bike currently. I also enjoy mountain biking and hiking. And of course I love playing Computer games, I run one of the largest Canadian FPS Clans called =CKA=.


I was very fortunate in my youth, my parents job allowed the family to go on vacations every winter, so I have traveled all around North America, Central America and Australasia. After collage I spent two months Backpacking Europe with my girlfriend. My last job sent me to Poland and China, which was pretty cool! This summer I have plans to drive across Canada, “from sea to sea”.


Skiing, Dirtbiking, Hiking, Mountain Biking, PHP Programming, Travel, Road Trips, Ball Hockey, rollorblading, Canadian Politics, Coca Cola, Science Fiction, WW2 History, Canadiana, Technology, Microsoft, Star Trek, U2, Tragically Hip, Pink Floyd

Places I’ve Lived

Harrison Hot Springs, Hope, Abbotsford, Burnaby, Surrey, Mission, North Vancouver, Vancouver(present)